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Rejuvenating Fountain of Youth Body Oil

 Fountain of Youth Body Oil is made with only the finest of oils and essential oils. Janet Lupo is sharing her secret to long-lasting, youthful skin by offering her Fountain of Youth Body Oil to customers of all ages. For Skin So Young, You Feel Like a Kid Again.

Excite your senses with Fountain of Youth Body Oil, Playboy's Centerfold of the Century Janet Lupo's secret made just for you. A luxurious body oil that is quickly absorbed into your skin ,leaving it feeling soft ,supple and completely rejuvenated. Bask yourself in this sensual, beautifully scented creation of body oil, including essential oils with Jojoba , Bergamot, Rose, Sandalwood and Apricot Kernel by gently massaging it into your skin while still damp after your bath or shower. Mature skin or younger skin will benefit and become dewy and moist without feeling greasy. Fountain of Youth Body Oil can also be used as a massage oil.

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